Growing up in a warm climate, wearing breathable and comfortable clothing was an everyday thing for me. As I became older I became hooked on slogan wear. Something so simple became my identity as I could express my personality on my clothing.

Creating a clothing brand was always one of my dreams and I constantly told myself that working for someone else would give me the safety net needed to secure this dream. Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19, I was made redundant. This knocked my confidence back a few notches as all I could think of now was "How will I pursue this dream?"

I am forever thankful that I was put in this position as I needed to be reminded what was missing to begin with and that was designing apparel. THIS was my identity.

Our belief at Legendary Tagz is that owning a few good garments has the ability to enhance your confidence. We hope that you too can find your personality in our clothing.

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